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A thumb to you, NATA.

I had to pause it. Pretty funny stuff and great animation!

"Ash is in jail for being a big dumb willy. Most likely because he left home at ten. Ya know, no school or parental help. Be gladf he isn't dead. I mean, poke-abuse isn't the worst thing that can happen..."

Art5yman responds:

haha i love that little bit. glad you caught it. And thank you!

People just don't know how hard it is working in the service industry.

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Friggin' Bezerk. Happy holidays, tricksters.

I don'r posses the spacial reasoning to get past the "gravity" puzzle.

This was extremely enjoyable. Very interactive and hillarious.,The story was intriguiging and the voice acting was phenomenal - I couldn't imagine the game being better if the voice didn't have an accent. I'd definitely play another game like this.

Great job, man.

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I feel a little let down with the high/main synth. I wish it would've progressed more, but it's a good track. I'm jealous of your mixing.

PolarTrance responds:

Hmmm... I did feel like the main lead synth needed a bit more to it, but after 6 attempts I figured that was the best I could get, without falling in to insanity :D

Thanks for the feedback :3

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I'm curious; hot do you fill in the gaps of your stencils? Or do you use a screen-printing with that photoreactive stuff?

Questions aside; I really dig your style! Sort of whimsical at times, but extremely detailed aswell. (ie: Octopus) Great work!

LiLg responds:

Each color is a different stencil.

Very haunting. For some reason, I find this more disturbing than your more gruesome paintings... I guess it kind of reminds me of the dude from Sinister.

linda-mota responds:

What's funny is that it's not supposed to be haunting, well no that's a lie. it's supposed to be haunting, but not in a sinister way. a bit more positive..

Ho. Lee. Shit. My nostalgia meters are cracked!

jaschieffer responds:

Haha glad some people played this beautiful game.

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